Application Store Optimization


ASO helps to improve your search visibility, application downloads & most importantly conversion rates!

What is ASO?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of improving the discoverability of your application in the Android Play Store and the Apple IOS Store.

By increasing the visibility of your application in the app stores, you are driving traffic to your app page and encouraging users to download your application.

The assessment of an ASO campaign extends beyond the ranking of your phone app by search term; ASO campaigns can be shown to also deliver increases in downloads, usage, earnings and ultimately, profit.

The increased visibility is achieved through optimizing your application to rank high in an application store’s search results for relevant searches. Techniques of ASO, focus on your app’s metadata, graphics while methods of improving your ratings and reviews are of significant importance.

How does ASO work?

In both the Google Android Play Store and Apple IOS App Store, algorithms are used to determine the order applications rank in the search results.

The algorithms calculate the ranking order by considering a variety of user engagement and feedback factors, which include the number of app page views, downloads, uninstalls, ratings and reviews.

The algorithms use metadata as a means to relevancy; keywords in the title, descriptions and keywords field are analyzed and relevancy is calculated.

Keyword optimization is only one aspect of ASO for apps; while the use of high-quality graphics and the way you utilize and gather your ratings/reviews are also optimized to improve the proportion of page views that turn into downloads.

Why you need ASO?

Having a big brand or being an app developer with an amazing app is no longer enough to guarantee a high ranking in the app stores’ search results.
Your app is just one of the 2.8 million in the Google Play Store and one of the 2.2 million in Apple App Store or to narrow it down even one in thousands launched each day. ASO for apps is essential to get your app noticed.

The most common method of new app discovery is through general browsing in the app store; therefore, the higher your app ranks in the app stores’ search results, the greater the chance your app has of being viewed and downloaded. You need ASO for apps to ensure that it is your app at the top of search results and not a competitor app.

Why use Agreed Technologies?

Google and Apple are continually updating the methods they use to identify and rank apps in their market.

With a fast-evolving industry, we strive to bring innovative techniques to stay ahead of the game, keeping our customers ahead of their competitors!

Our innovation comes from removing unnecessary steps, making things happen faster and we are passionate about achieving great results.

We understand the importance of effective ASO for apps and Google Play PPC campaigns in combination with each other to maximize and increase apps’ discoverability and ensure apps reach the top 10 ranking in the App Stores.

Quality App Store Optimizers in New York

Expansion solutions for your success.

While we are located in New York, we offer a wide array of web-related services to clients across the country. You can even take advantage of our expertise to enhance your
App Store Optimization efforts.

Get started today with a free quote and find out why over 50 clients are working with us now! Call us today at (646) 797-3243 for free consultation.

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