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Agreed Technologies is a digital marketing training institution that offers courses for current or aspiring professionals in the Digital Marketing field.
Our courses are designed to empower professionals looking to upgrade their skills and students looking to begin a career in the respective industries.
Courses offered on Agreed Technologies’ platform are designed to help you successfully plan and manage an online marketing campaign.

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Agreed Technologies : Practical, Relevant and Immediate

Agreed Technologies’ Digital Marketing training is suitable for fresher or any Middle & Senior Managers, these courses will provide a strategic understanding of Digital Marketing. The participants will learn how digital marketing impacts brands & sales, best practices in digital marketing, tools & techniques. Courses will also cover Planning, Budgeting, Reporting and Tracking mechanisms for Digital Marketing.
Trainees will also get to implement live projects as they work through the Training. We work with text, videos, online quizzes and every tool is available to improve your learning experience. Our objective is for you to learn online marketing in an aesthetically pleasing and fun atmosphere. We will provide you with the resources to embark on a learning journey!

Placement Preparation Module

Along with our training modules, you will also get complementary (free of cost) access to the placement preparation module, which is a package to help you ace your placements/ internships hunt. You will learn how to write your resume, cover letter and how to prepare for your interviews.

Certification in Digital Marketing

Agreed Technologies ’ Certification Program in Digital Marketing provides students with the necessary skills and training to succeed in the dynamic world of digital media and marketing. This program helps students develop technical, creative and business capabilities which can lead to a career in digital marketing, digital media publishing, website development, advertising, sales, marketing, or freelance digital marketing production

Interested In Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has revolutionized the way marketing and communications professionals connect with their audience. Search Engine marketing, social media, strong digital marketing strategies, and web analytics are now critical to meeting your communications objectives and achieving campaign goals. Students will learn the essential tools and tactical skills to effectively apply data, manage creative content, and implement and measure digital marketing strategies to engage and convert today’s consumer.

• Become a current industry-specific strategic digital specialist
• Integrate marketing theory with the latest technological tools to build and apply dynamic digital strategies
• Examine mobile marketing best practices, new media management tools, and social media marketing platforms and practices
• Learn effective search engine marketing and Search Engine Optimization tactics, and creative content strategy

Agreed Technologies - Digital Marketing Course

In this 4 month Digital Marketing Certification program, students will develop the foundation knowledge and applied skills that employers value the most in the era of digital media marketing. Central to the program are digital-age marketing strategies in the areas of social media, mobile, search engine optimization (SEO) and emerging platforms. As a key element of the program, students create and maintain a professional online presence, which will enable them to stand out in competitive job markets.

This learning experience will enable you to:
• Formulate integrated digital marketing strategies for products and services
• Integrate project management, marketing research, database marketing and digital media to plan, execute and evaluate digital marketing plans that build brands and drive profits
• Describe new and emerging digital marketing platforms

  • Students – Looking for a career in digital marketing, India’s fastest growing sector.
    • Professionals – Enhance your Skills, Employability Value and Earnings.
    • Entrepreneurs – Be Independent and manage your own Business from anywhere at any time.
    • Freelancers – work on Independent Projects

In this 4 month program, students will develop the foundation knowledge and applied skills that employers value the most in the era of digital media marketing.

Modules are as following :
1. Internet Basics
2. Website Planning and Creation Strategies (Each Students will create their own website)
3. Website Landing Page Design and Optimization Strategies
4. Google AdWords Fundamentals
5. Google Search Advertising Module
6. Google Display Advertising Module
7. Google Analytics Module
8. Google Shopping Module
10. Search Engine Optimization
11. Social Media Marketing Module (FB, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube)
12. Google AdSense Module

13. Content Marketing
14. Affiliate Marketing Basics
15. Digital Marketing Research Module
16. Digital Marketing Strategies
17. Lead Generation Strategies
18. Email Marketing
19. Bonus Skills – WordPress Blogging, MS Excel, Proposal Writing, Client Meeting Presentation, AdWords Editor
20. Placement Preparation Module – Interview Practice, CV designing and submission, Portal submissions

20 Modules
Expert Faculty
Industry relevant Content
Google AdWords Certification
Google Analytics Certification
Live Project Training
Internship with Agreed Technologies
Placement Preparation Module and Assistance

This programme involves a combination of coursework, assignments, projects, presentations and examinations/tests. All modules contain both formative and summative assessment components. Summative assessments for each module may be based on an individual assignment, tutorials, group project and a final written and objective (Certification Exam) examination.

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Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

You will be prepared to succeed in a variety of industries including digital promotional/advertising agencies, corporations, government and not-for-profit organizations.

Potential positions may include:
• SEO specialist
• SEM specialist
• Social community relations manager (Social Media Manager)
• Web Marketing co-ordinator
• Content Marketing Specialist
• Business Development Manager
• Client Servicing

You can also start your own business if you want as an Entrepreneur, or work on individual projects as a Freelancer, Earn Money Online through AdSense and Affiliate Programs or Work as a Professional in a Digital Marketing Company