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We are focused towards increasing your business and realize the importance of E-commerce SEO. We create campaigns with your business goals in mind, to help you achieve maximum ROI. Our unique and customized campaigns for each business is what makes us the best E-commerce Search Engine Optimization agency. Our experts understand the importance of SEO for E-commerce and work towards realizing your business goals. Before you decide to take us on for your E-commerce SEO, you must know why it is critical for your business and why Agreed Technologies is the best solution for you.

Why E-Commerce SEO is Important for your Business?

Setting up your e-commerce website is just one of the initial steps to really making consistent sales on your online store. There are numerous strategies to bring traffic to your site, however one of the best in the online marketing world is search engine optimization.

Search engines have become a universal element of the online experience for many users. Not utilising search engine optimization to its full potential could place you in the minority of online experiences, a status which could be lethal to your e-commerce objectives.

All things considered, online businesses have pushed to optimize their search engine strategies to better target the right activities to achieve the target goals. Search engine optimization has reached such a degree of recognition, to the point that even people whose profession falls far outside the realm of digital marketing can at present explain the relationship between keywords and their posting on search engine results. On account of that, it can be concluded that business owners ought to optimize their on-page content in order to make themselves more competitive inside the online arena.

Does E-Commerce SEO actually bring more traffic?

Whether or not SEO gives more traffic is answered by thousands of case studies proving it has, but when asked HOW it may contribute positively to something as vital as e-commerce, for example, it’s much more difficult for most e-commerce experts to deliver a clear answer.

This is because internet technology and industry best SEO practices have evolved significantly more quickly than users have been able to assess its maximum potential. As we speak, the online market keeps evolving and before we know, our strategy may become outdated. This is why at Agreed Technologies, we continually revise our campaign goals to keep them aligned with yours. Our experts keep updated with the latest trends in SEO and follow strategies from the most skilled SEO gurus like Neil Patel and Brian Dean to yield better results for our clients. Apart from this, we keep on trying and exploring new techniques to edge over the competition for our clients.

Relating E-Commerce SEO to Revenue

In simple words, it could be stated with confidence that the more targeted potential consumers visit your website, the greater the chances that one (or several) of them will become paying customers.

It’s no secret that a properly implemented search engine optimization strategy can drive an increased number of potential customers to your website. With a 2.5% conversion rate, on average, it is relatively safe to assume that for every 1000 extra vistors you receive on account of your SEO strategy, 25-30 new customers may emerge.

Although ROI from search engine optimization would likely not be possible till a few months, it is absolutely certain that you will receive a significant expansion of your client base as a result of such campaigns, as we will ensure that you successfully rank for high value keywords.
Of course, potential customers who do successfully convert on your website and become customers could also become repeat customers in the near future. A positive experience leads itself to repeated consumer interactions, and part of a long term SEO strategy focuses on sustaining a customer even after the first transaction.

Because of this, due to the increase in traffic and conversions as a result of e-commerce SEO, businesses may consequently enjoy improved consumer retention and return site visits.

E-Commerce SEO Can Reduce Your Costs

It would be a mistake to believe that businesses which rely exclusively on ecommerce are sparing tremendous measures of money by keeping away from the conventional physical stores.

Whether it’s surging on other advertising means or obtaining space for promotion targeting on prominent websites, ecommerce businesses are often forced to spend huge amounts of money on programs which could possibly yield a legitimate ROI.
Seem like a great deal of money? It is. That being stated, search engine optimization may provide a powerful exposure in terms of organic search visibility and general traffic essentially because it offers sustainable, enduring improvements to general page positioning in a way that ads basically can’t. And all of this is a cost much less that online ads when compared in terms of ROI.

Ad Campaigns Vs E-Commerce SEO

For example, you were to invest heavily in an online advertising campaign to promote a new item instead getting an E-Commerce SEO team, you could reasonably expect a significant lift to general traffic movement all through the span of your ad campaign following by an equally large drop-off once the campaign was completed.

The reason for this is as per the following: despite the fact that advertising can create a massive pool of audience interest, it does not offer meaningful improvements to your general SEO and, your page positioning on significant search engines. Once your advertisement campaign ends your website will very quickly drift once again to the last pages of search engine results.

Without SEO, you can expect no sustainable improvements to your organic search activity.
Despite the fact that search engine optimization quite often requires a significantly larger investment of time in order to yield results, the additions from such strategies are guaranteed to create sustained improvements to your search traffic.

SEO Is Imperative in The Industry

If the debate over the effectiveness of SEO as an instrument to promote e-commerce has yielded any conclusions over the previous few years, perhaps the most vital is this: SEO’s ‘worth’ as an e-commerce utility is sourced directly from the way that a website which has foregone optimization will be unable to compete with those who have invested in this service. This is due in large part to the way that un-optimized websites will be relegated to the last pages of search engine results which very few, if any, potential customers see.

Now, SEO has reached the level of ‘industry-standard’ and it has become a requirement for businesses of all interests and sizes to follow its guidelines. It is known that nearly 75% of web users never really travel past the first page of search engine results. Given the way that it is practically impossible for e-commerce stages to reach these valuable rankings on Google or other search engines, the correlation could, therefore, be made that an absence of SEO leads to a certain absence of visibility.

E-Commerce SEO for Enhanced Customer Experience

When we talk about SEO as the ‘business standard’ for major search engines, it is likewise vital to remember that enhancing visibility is additionally directly linked to enhancing the general experience for those visitors who discover their way to your website.

Google now factors in a large group of parameters as a major aspect of their search engine positioning methodology which is a completely different from when SEO actually began. The presence of a mobile-friendly website, for example, drastically improves search engine rankings, while those business owners who have not yet adapted their websites to accommodate mobile devices and tablets can expect a noticeable drop in page positioning.

Likewise, websites which take unusually long measures of time to load are dropping in search results records for those which are capable of loading rapidly. Both the mobile-friendly parameter and page load time are solid evidence that the customer’s overall experience remains a high need for search engine providers.

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