We at Agreed Technologies are experienced in the modus operandi of achieving high rankings for GYM SEO. Agreed Technologies has a string of highly satisfied clients into fitness business, who have benefited from our expertise over the years. We understand GYM SEO website better than others, based upon our successful Gym Trainer/Personal Trainer marketing campaigns in the past. At Agreed Technologies, we have custom Gym SEO services for Gym Trainer/Fitness Trainer dealing into a very competitive fitness Business locally and internationally.

Gym SEO/ SEO for Personal Trainer/Fitness Trainer is the process of optimizing your website and online presence to best reflect your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness on a specific topic your client is searching online. Every type of fitness trainer from a gym trainer, yoga trainer, diet trainer, sports trainer, and personal trainer can benefit from Gym SEO/ SEO for Fitness trainer/ Personal Trainer. We know what it takes to get the right type of customer to your gym website. We help you in designing & implementing the right personal trainer SEO strategies for your fitness website, driving an influx of extra lead generation streams to your fitness business. It is a remarkable way of increasing sales at a very low cost. We have a team of dedicated professionals who have years of experience in mastering SEO in most industries, with a special emphasis on Gym SEO/SEO for fitness trainer/personal trainer.

“As people become more health conscious than ever, the personal training market has seen a steady growth of 2-4% in North America and in the UK during the last 5 years”

That clearly shows that any fitness website that wants to get noticed on the internet and get more traffic needs to acquire SEO for personal training website.

Why SEO for Personal Trainer is important in today’s scenario

Showing off your fitness services is crucial to getting more business as a personal trainer. Getting your fitness training services found in search engines means your work gets seen by many more potential clients.
SEO for Personal Trainer helps you to do that by telling Google (and other search engines) what keywords your fitness training services should be ranking for.
We at Agreed Technologies help in successfully implementing digital marketing fitness strategies to get the right clients for your fitness business. We are an industry expert in launching online fitness marketing campaigns for personal trainers, maximizing their digital presence.

How to do GYM SEO

At Agreed Technologies, we adhere to Google’s guidelines while doing GYM SEO. While catering to your personal training Website, we make sure that the online fitness website gives visitors the right information they are looking for, make sure that other sites link to yours, make your site easily accessible, and things to avoid.

Step 1: Keyword Research

It is important to have goals and SEO strategy. As a personal trainer you need to understand what you want to be found for and what your ideal client is searching for. Team  Agreed Technologies knows the personal trainer keywords; we help your fitness website to get discovered at the various Search Engines for the right search queries. We do a thorough competitor analysis for you with respect to keywords, so that you have leverage over the other personal training websites.

Step 2: Onsite Implementation

The best way to write your website for personal training is for the visitor. You never want to write ONLY for search engines. When we perform the onsite implementation of SEO for personal training website, we focus on the specific elements which make your website visitor and SEO friendly. At Agreed Technologies, our experts do the best onsite implementation comprising of the basic elements like Page Title, Meta Description, Alt Tag, Internal Links, Blog, etc be it a Wrodpress Website or any other for better rankings. The higher your website ranks, the more visible it is to users searching for online personal training services. These are some of the elements which we focus upon for online fitness marketing campaign.

Step 3: Blogging and Content

Page content plays a vital role in SEO for Personal Training Website. Blogs help Google to understand who you are, what services you offer and what you do. Not only does optimizing your blogging for search engines help you get found, but it also helps to improve your user experience. At Agreed Technologies, we have an in-house expert team of professional content writers, who excel in writing content for fitness Websites. Our team not only handles the content for your website, but also for your Social Media. Our team excels in Personal Training Facebook page ideas, ad for personal training services, social media fitness tips for YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms.

Step 4: Link Building

The largest part of how Google’s algorithm determines who outranks who is the links to a website. The more relevant and authoritative links you have to your website, the better you will rank. ‘Link’ is short for ‘hyperlink.’ It’s how people navigate the Internet. Search Engines also use links to navigate (or ‘crawl’). Search engines like Google, use links to discover new web page and to help determine how well a web page should rank in their results. Essentially links are a vote from the link source. Search Engines use them to determine authority. Additionally, links will also provide traffic to your site.
At Agreed Technologies, we work to build links for personal training websites from high page authority, domain authority sites, creating brand awareness and user engagement growth.

Step 5: Tracking and Measurement

Tracking and measurement of the performance of your website in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is very critical. The two tools used to track and measure SEO is Google Analytics and Google Search Console. SEO services for personal trainers at Agreed Technologies include assisting with Google Analytics, which tells you about the user behavior after they visit your fitness Website. Similarly, Google Search Console tells you what people did before they came to your website on Google during a search. This is the most accurate way to determine your search rankings.

Search Trends for Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers” Google Search Trends

Personal Trainers” 2008 – 2018 Google Search Trends by the Numbers

Looking at “Personal Trainers” Search trends between 2008 – 2018 in the United States

Looking at Google Search Trends, we see that

“Google search and advertising tools helped generate $222 billion of economic activity in 2017. In addition, 97% of internet users look online for local products and services.”

How can we help you?

We help you in successfully implementing SEO strategies for trainer internet marketing, growing digital traffic to your sites.

Whether a new gym trainer, yoga trainer, diet trainer, sports trainer, and personal trainer, we can successfully grow your online personal fitness business. Contact us today!

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Gym SEO/SEO for Fitness Trainer/Personal Trainer | #1 SEO Company
Gym SEO/SEO for Fitness Trainer/Personal Trainer | #1 SEO Company
Gym SEO/SEO for Fitness Trainer/Personal Trainer | #1 SEO Company