Local SEO

Local SEO

Local SEO is a lot different from the traditional concepts of SEO. While doing search engine optimization for a local business, one needs to understand that the market lies within a small radius of location of the business.

Rene’s Auto repair would get majority of its business from Ocean st, Bixby St, Clay st, Pearl St, Windsor St, Windham St, James St and Sea bright Ave. Residents of these locations as well as travelers of these checkpoints would prefer to go to Rene’s Auto Repair since it is the closest. SEO companies in San Jose take local SEO as conventional SEO and directly target the entire city which is not the right order of approach. If this caught your attention you would fall in love in with my checklist.

Local SEO checklist
How to Rank Your Small Business on Google


Branding “NAME” of physical business

Branding can easily be accomplished through advertisement. The most economic advertisement channel is social media. You must be wondering we are speaking of organic and I am talking paid as my first measure in the checklist! Told you, this is not the traditional SEO.

A local business thrives in the market because of its popularity. A lot of time is required to gain popularity naturally considering that the quality of goods or service the business provides is good. If that popularity needs to be brought faster, advertisement is needed.

Social media marketing can be really cheap for branding considering we have a very small region to target as explained in this page before.


Optimize Google my business

Follow these simple steps to make sure that your Google my business is completely optimized

  • Step A: Claim your Google my business page
  • Step B: Setup your Google my business. Watch this video to know how.
  • Step C: Input detailed and unique description of your business. Make no grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and include a few links to your site.
  • Step D: Populate correct categories suiting your business.
  • Step E: Upload attractive photos of your business showing your offerings and office space.
  • Step F: Add local phone number
  • Step G: Enter the address of your business.
  • Step H: Upload high quality cover image showing your office/shop from the outside and a profile picture (logo is recommended)
  • Step I: List your opening/closing hours
  • Step J: List Google posts for offers , custom message


Online reviews

Users making local searches are in immediate need. Making decisions on someone they found online is hugely based on reviews. In fact, reviews have a very immense impact on the local search results and rankings for any physical business.

As a local business, make sure that there is an easy review system in place on your site. Encourage the users who have had a great experience with the business to review it online. There are a lot of services which can help build reviews through a trusted process of reaching out to your customer base. Some good ones areGetfivestars , Yext and Revleap.


On page SEO

The website must be perfectly optimized. To know more about On page SEO, click here. A few tactics that are exclusive to Los Angeles SEO are listed below:

  • 1. Footer must have a Google map of your business. (Makes it the common element for all pages)
  • 2. Target landmarks within a 2 mile radius of the business in the content.
  • 3. Target other popular local businesses nearby in the content which are not your peers.
  • 4. Use meta description to target areas/streets where you get 80% of your business.
  • 5. Optimize images with alt-text containing region/street/city the business is targeting.
  • 6. List your address on each page of the site (keep it in header or the footer of the site).

If the site is perfectly optimized along with schema markup then Google will start showing site links when someone makes a search for your brand. This can lead to a better CTR. This is how site links look like –


Local Citations and consistency

Citations refers to the online directories which contain the name of your business, address and the phone number. The key here is to keep consistency between the three parameters which are name, address and the phone number across all local directory submissions.

Services like whitespark have turned out to be a huge relief for getting it done easily and it’s highly recommended by me as well.


Local link building & press-releases

Traditional off page SEO strategies have lesser impact under local SEO. Local link building has the highest impact for Los Angeles SEO. While doing local link building, authority of the site and citation/trust flow doesn’t matter much. The business agreeing to provide the link must be local and should be somehow inter-related and relevant.

Some tips for performing an outreach for getting local links are as follows –


Get listed as a business on Bing

Bing also has business listing just like Google my business.

How to Submit Your Site to Bing Places

Below are step-by-step instructions to setup your business with Bing Places:

  • Step 1: Get Started on the Welcome Screen
  • Step 2: Claim Your Existing Business or Add a New Business Listing
  • Step 3: Add Your Business and Login to Your Microsoft Account
  • Step 4: Manage Your Listing(s)

Click here to know more about the steps

Local SEO service

Agreed Technologies can analyze the rankings of your business locally easily through tools like SEOprofiler. We send out free analysis reports as a part of our Los Angeles SEO service. If you’d like us to analyze your website, just fill this contact form and send it over to us.

If you liked this article, please share it. Call us if you’d like to know more about our prices for Los Angeles SEO services.

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