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Application Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of improving the discoverability of your application in the Android Play Store and the Apple IOS Store.

By increasing the visibility of your application in the app stores, you are driving traffic to your app page and encouraging users to download your application.

The assessment of an ASO campaign extends beyond the ranking of your phone app by search term; ASO campaigns can be shown to also deliver increases in downloads, usage, earnings and ultimately, profit.

The increased visibility is achieved through optimizing your application to rank high in an application store’s search results for relevant searches. Techniques of ASO, focus on your app’s metadata, graphics while methods of improving your ratings and reviews are of significant importance.

Hybrid Application Development

Not in the market for a full-fledged native app on iOS or Android but you still need an app? Hybrid apps can be the right answer for your needs. In context, testing the waters with a hybrid app can unpack the trials and errors of the features and designs you might need before you move to a native app. It can be easy on your budget as well.

Agreed Technologies is renowned to dispense the premier services of hybrid mobile application development. There is an enormous difference between native apps and hybrid apps from the development side. Hybrid apps are coded through the HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. It reduces the development time, cost, and complexity as same code can be reused for diverse mobile operating systems.

Our luminous developers have good practices to deliver the complete mobile app development services. Proficient individuals are appointed for the dedicated clients’ projects to deliver native looking apps. Experts integrate the latest frameworks like Phone Gap to arrive with the superlative apps for the utmost popular platforms such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, etc.

Native Android Development

The world is rapidly moving towards becoming a Smartphone centric- society, thanks to hosts of activities and millions of mobile applications that make day to day life easier when using a Smartphone!

Native mobile applications are the kind of mobile applications that are installed on the mobile device via an application store (such as Google Play for android platform). A native mobile application is built for a particular device and its operating systems, and thereby has the ability to access device-specific hardware and software, meaning that, the native apps can interact and take advantage of the latest technology available on mobile devices such as a global positioning technologies (GPS), camera, the compass, the list of contacts, notification technologies and so on. Native apps work just as effectively in offline mode too, which is an added advantage of utmost significance.

Native IOS Development

Global expectation for any mobile application, specially iOS or iPhone based, relies upon a unique combination of super user experience coupled with perfect functional module execution.

That is why; an iOS app development company can succeed only when their development team addresses
the aesthetics of high quality user interface design along with exact feature’s functionality.

We, at Agreed Technologies follow this principle religiously with every people induction in the app development team going through a rigorous process of training and adaptability catering to the same.

Automatically, every product/solution developed by our iOS developer’s team boasts of optimum responsiveness, exactness of feature scope integrated with high quality user experience in terms of interface, UI/UX.

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Gym SEO/SEO for Fitness Trainer/Personal Trainer | #1 SEO Company
Gym SEO/SEO for Fitness Trainer/Personal Trainer | #1 SEO Company