Native IOS Development

Why iOS App Development?

Global expectation for any mobile application, specially iOS or iPhone based, relies upon a unique combination of super user experience coupled with perfect functional module execution.

That is why; an iOS app development company can succeed only when their development team addresses
the aesthetics of high quality user interface design along with exact feature’s functionality.

We, at Agreed Technologies follow this principle religiously with every people induction in the app development team going through a rigorous process of training and adaptability catering to the same.

Automatically, every product/solution developed by our iOS developer’s team boasts of optimum responsiveness, exactness of feature scope integrated with high quality user experience in terms of interface, UI/UX.

User Oriented Application Design and Development

One of the fundamental methodologies adapted from the initial stage of Agreed technologies iOS app development process is User involving agile methodology.

In each & every step, the customer is involved in the project’s SDLC from the start either through structured process of interaction via a project management/monitoring tool or at times, in an ad-hoc basis, with event based communication via Skype or video conferencing tools. Through streamlined methods of designing an iOS app, we have gained expertise in the most modern architecture of Auto layout & Auto resizing and in all of our developed solutions we use them in order to enrich the principles of Human Interface Guidelines (HIG).

What sets us apart is a very simple line in terms of iOS app development and that is “users expect an app to work to the fullest’’ nothing more nothing less and we strive towards achieving that scenario perfectly.

Every iOS developer in Agreed Technologies uses the latest version of Xcode which has been published by Apple. Further, the iOS application development team has successfully evolved to embrace the Swift environment of development and so, presently most of our apps are developed in Swift in order to exploit the power of that environment.

Apart from all these, any modern iOS development team whenever will create iOS app, they have to cater to some fundamental yet advanced guidelines of high standard iPhone app development. Agreed Technologies maintains such methodologies by practicing Code Block Optimization, Universal device support guidelines, code commenting etc.

Agreed Technologies iOS developer strictly follows the process of Unit testing before passing on a finished deliverable to the QA team.

Many business application demands include 3rd Party API integration for data exchange between app & a back end storage space. Also, almost every mobile app needs some API integration from the world popular Social apps. And, most of the applications have a commercial aspect to it, which means more integration with respect to feature upgrade enabler through In-App purchase or external payment activity using various payment gateways.

All these are seamlessly and expertly developed and integrated by any iOS developer in Agreed Technologies. The developer iOS is all fully aware to integrate all these.

Stringent and Disciplined Quality Testing

Every solution/product development starts with an assignment of a Quality assurance personnel within the development team.

Not a single milestone based deliverable goes to the customer without passing through the various stages of testing & quality assurance.

Moreover, the QA personnel is qualified enough to take into account all the elements of performance metrics related to market sustenance, robustness and acceptability of the deliverable as discussed and agreed upon with the customer.

An iOS application does not suffice to the international standards of usability if it is not conforming to the following standards:

Every mobile application development should be taken care of in terms of Memory management of the entire app’s functionality. Caching & releasing of necessary as well as redundant data with the combination of thin inter-operability among screen movements in the application.

Many applications are resource hungry in terms of using of the battery life too fast. Our QA teams point them out, if at all they find that happening during testing and hence, the mobile app developer community tries to optimize such consumption as much as possible.

Most of the iOS applications interact with a back end storage system in the form of some specified server based database. Since, this data inter exchange between the front end iOS device and back-end database happens through the tunnel of Web APIs, it is important to identify slag areas or time lag situations when this activity is executed.

Agreed Technologies quality team does it all.

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