SEO Keyword Research

SEO keyword research

SEO Keyword research is very crucial to a successful SEO campaign. Many SEO companies practice the right SEO techniques but get their basics wrong. In 90% of the cases, business owners have a list of very generic and ultra competitive keywords. Priority of these decision makers is the search volume. Agreed Technologies guides business owners towards the right keywords rather than giving them the control to provide their list. Here is a graph from which should clear the concept.

What are the different kinds of keywords for SEO?

Keywords can be classified into three categories.

1. Broad or Head keywords

Keywords that contain a single word in them can be called as “Body” or “Head” Keywords. These keywords have the highest traffic and highest competition as well. The conversions from these keywords are very few because the intent of the user can be multiple.

For example – A Google search “Chiropractor” can be for the purpose of information of the profession, meaning of the word and also if someone needs a chiropractor.

2. Short tail keywords

Keywords that contain 2-3 words are called as short tail keywords. These keywords contain moderate to high traffic and the competition can either be high or moderate. The conversions from these keywords are moderate. The intent of the user in such cases is definitely getting the service or the product but they are exploring the market, looking for their best options.

For example – Nike sports shoes, Dell gaming laptops : These keywords describe that the user is definitely interested in purchasing the good but the need may not be immediate. The consumer is looking to buy it in the near future.

3. Long tail keywords

Keywords that contain more than 4 words are called as long tail keywords. These keywords contain low traffic but the conversions from these keywords are the highest. The intent of the user in this case is immediate purchase.

For example – Best gaming laptop under $3000, Blue leather jacket for men. When a search is long, it defines that a specific search which means the user’s need is immediate. These keywords contain highest cost per click under AdWords.

The picture suggests how these keywords work in terms of conversions and competition. To get the keyword research right, we need to have a strong understanding of our target market, demographics and their intent of search.

How to find keywords which are untapped by competitors?

A lot of keywords are untapped by our competitors and these are the keywords which could give us immediate branding and traffic. Here is an example – I borrowed a kitten from my friend. It was 6 weeks old and had some bad habits. I was really concerned with the kitten sleeping in my bed and trying to bite my fingers. Google came to my rescue and there were blogs which helped me solve these issues. A few days later, I was looking for cat toys and what came to my mind was the same site which solved my problems. And if I had to get my cat vaccinated, you know which site I would refer.

A very simple strategy is focusing our blogs on problems a consumer may face around the products we sell, the products one services or the services we provide. Another brilliant example is for a Mercedes service shop. There are a lot of ideas around the problems faced by a Mercedes owner from little to small which could either be fixed by troubleshooting or might need assistance from mechanic.

What tools to use for SEO keyword research?

SEO keyword research should be done to plan your content. Agreed Technologies makes use of Google keyword planner and SEMRUSH. Below are the steps you can use to find keywords. We are trying to find keywords for a page – “Dental implants”. Let’s take it step by step –

  • Step 1 : Login in Google AdWords and open keyword planner
  • Step 2 : Define location , keywords , negative keywords , niche and the website and click get ideas.(Here’s a screenshot)
  • Step 3 :Look for keyword groupings and locate your focus keyword. Take a look at all the keywords in the group – “Cost dental”.
  • Step 4 :Make a list of all keywords which are relevant and have search volumes.
  • Step 5 :Use SEMRUSH keyword difficulty tool to analyze the organic ranking difficulty for these keywords.
  • Step 6 : Analyze the keyword difficulty and select 2-3 keywords to target for the page.

    The two keywords that I have shortlisted from the list are – Low cost dental implants and full dental implants cost.
  • Step 7 :Break your keywords
    • 1. Low cost dental implants – Low + cost + dental implants
    • 2. Full dental implants cost – Full + dental implants + cost
  • Step 8 :Search for synonyms of your non focus keywords. Here my non focus keywords are – Low , cost and full.
  • Step 9 : Find keywords with synonyms.

    With the same strategy, I was able to find keywords like tooth implant price , dental implants prices , affordable dental implants , tooth implant cost and complete dental implants cost. The best part is these keywords have low organic ranking difficulty and you are still targeting your focus keyword.

What is keyword grouping?

If you noticed, Google has Ad groups. We have now finalized the following keywords for the page “Dental implants”:

one of the best examples for this strategy is – “Party City

The focus keyword is coffee cups and the keywords they have targeted on the page are –

If you search for these keywords, you will find them on the first page. It’s not just the keyword grouping which is done right on the page but a lot of other On page SEO factors which they got right.

The benefit of the targeting keywords in a group is that you can target multiple keywords with one focus keyword and increase the potential traffic you can drive to your page by just targeting one keyword.

Myths and Facts about SEO keyword research

Myth 1: Website development comes first, SEO later.

Fact: SEO keyword research is the first thing which should be pursued by startups or small businesses before they hire website Development Company. One should hire a Digital marketing agency that can plan out keywords and then build their content first. Once the content is ready, the website can be designed accordingly. This process can help deliver websites which can get traffic as soon as they are launched.

Myth 2: High Search Volume keywords are the best to target.

Fact: High search volume keywords have high competition. It’s not easy to get them ranked. It could take a lot of time. Someone who is looking for immediate traffic should be targeting keywords which have low difficulty. They are easy to get ranked and can bring in some traffic. It’s better to get some clients rather waiting ages for one.

Myth 3: Cost per click defines the competition for keywords in SEO.

Fact: Cost per click shows the competition for a keyword in AdWords. For checking the organic difficulty, SEMRUSH is your best bet.

Cost of SEO keyword research

Agreed Technologies has flexible cost for SEO Keyword research. For business owners who would like to have a test run with us, SEO keyword research is the best option. Our promise is value for money against your investment and we’d take you through the reasons and benefits of each picked keyword.

In case you liked this article, please share it. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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