SEO For Artists

SEO for Artists

Are you an Artist? Do you have your own website? If yes, Welcome to SEO for Artists campaign with Agreed Technologies. You see, we believe every artist with a portfolio site should know at least the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By making a few SEO tweaks to your portfolio website, you can make it easier to find online and reach more people with your art!

But how to follow a proper SEO campaign for artists?

For artists, SEO usually means one of these:

Google creates their search results by pulling content from different parts of the web. Your website is one, Google Images are another, social media profiles, Wikipedia and so forth. Put it all together and that’s what you see on Google. This just means you need to create content in the right places and tweak it a bit. This will help you populate Google with YOUR content and push irrelevant content down in Google search results. That’s what SEO for artists is all about.

But it’s not always easy to get on the first page of Google, and it’s even tougher to move up into that coveted first position. If you’ve ever searched Google using a word or phrase that describes your artwork, then you know that already.

(If you haven’t, go to and do a quick search right now. Think of your artwork, and type in a word—or better yet, a phrase—that someone would use to search for your type of art if they didn’t know your name. Does your website show up? Hopefully, it does. . . if not, go to the second page, third, and so on.) Wherever you find your website, there will probably be others above it. And the question that artists often ask is, “Why does THAT website show up higher than MY website? My art is so much better!”

Well, ignoring the quality of their art for the moment, sometimes it has to do with the words they’re using on their website. . . perhaps they’re using the exact word or phrase that you searched for in their page title, and you’re not. But most often you’ll find that the websites directly above yours are using pretty much the same words that you are. Think about it—if you’re both artists, and you both paint seascapes, the words you use are probably going to be the same.

So, if it’s not the words they’re using that help them rank higher, then what is it?

Truthfully, it all comes down to numbers. The thing that usually determines why Google places one website above another in its search results is the number of links pointing to that website.

If they have more websites linking to them than you do (or better-quality websites) then they’re going to show up ahead of you in Google.

What to do?

One of the easiest ways to help people find your images is to make sure the search engines pick them up. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all the others don’t read images very well (though they are getting better). It’s pretty tough for a computer to look at an image and know what it’s about, what kind of emotion it evokes, or even what kind of canvas it’s on. You can make it easier for them, however.

Here are three ways to help your images be found by the search engines, and by extension, the people who might buy your work.

When you take pictures or scan images, digital cameras and scanners default to numbers when saving the images with a title. The problem with this is that search engines read image URLs to get a clue as to what the image is about. So what needs to be done is to change the image name to the exact picture name. There is descriptive text in that URL that the search engine can now read.

Alt attributes were developed as a way to help web browsers display text substitutes for images when they couldn’t display the image. Search engines now use Alt Attributes as another way to find out what the image is about and how relevant the image is to a search. Your Alt Attributes should be simple and descriptive.

Search Engines like Google have also indicated that they are using on-page elements to find out what an image is about. This is a bonus to you, because it means that telling the story of your painting, sculpture, or whatever actually helps you sell it. You can put a paragraph-long story on the page where your art appears, talking about your inspiration for the image, what it means, and how it was made.

SEO packages for Artists

Agreed technologies offers affordable SEO services for Artists. The scope of work depends upon the competition in the line of business and current branding levels. The packages are custom designed based on the efforts a campaign needs to be successful. We are flexible in terms of our pricing structure. Just fill this contact form to help us analyze your site and we can send our quotation within 24 hours. If you’d like to speak one of our sales representatives, just call us. We’d be more than happy to assist you.

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