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Agreed Technologies runs various Advanced link building programs based on the competition in SEO.
Google’s ranking algorithm has advanced a lot resulting in giving great value to relevant links and declaring links obtained from non-relevant sources to be spam. A website having spam links in a greater quantity could be on the verge of getting penalized. However, there are more than 40 odd factors which could get your website penalized.

Before we understand various methods for Link building, it is important to understand a few terms like “Relevant links”, “Authority”, ”Trust Score” & “Link juice”.

1. Relevant Links

A Link is considered to be relevant if it is hosted on a third party site which is related to our niche. An E-commerce furniture store can belong to the niche of interior design, home furnishing, interior decoration, exterior decoration, etc. A personal trainer belongs to the niche of fitness, weight loss, sports, etc.

2. Authority

Authority of a domain can be analyzed through the incoming traffic on the domain and the domain age. A link obtained from such a site assures a lot of exposure on your link & creates a high impact on the SEO of your site. To measure authority you can use SEMRUSH  to check domain age and traffic.

3. Trust score

Trust score refers to the credibility of the website in the eyes of Google. A link from a highly trusted website creates credibility for the brand it gives links to. Trust score can be checked by majestic.

4. Link juice

Link juice depends on two factors i.e. the anchor text being used for the link, the page rank of the content. Homepage for any site has the highest page rank. If the anchor text of the link is containing a keyword, it could impact the rankings of that keyword tremendously if the rest of the factors are also met.

Advanced link building

5 ways of building quality links to improve SEO

Pre-outreach refers to utilization of your content before publishing on your own site. A lot of times you can find your content as a valuable addition to someone else’s content. This is your best chance to do a pre-outreach. The essence of a pre-outreach program is to offer your content without asking for a favor. One must not sound like begging for links. Once the content is approved, notify the owner of the third party site that you have it published on your site as well. This would be a test for the quality of your content and can help getting a nice backlink.

Once you have the list of domains your business is attached to; look for bloggers who do regular postings on authority blogging sites. Reach out to multiple niche bloggers for inquiring if they have plans to write on a similar topic that you just completed. High authority sites are very careful about what kind of content is being published on their site and might ask for a review of the content before moving forward. A high quality and unique content has more chances of getting approved rather than a content that is poorly written and has any personal marketing intent behind it.

As you can see in the image below, we have a list of links obtained by Alibinycsalon which is having a decent traffic. The list reflects links coming from websites with very high domain score and trust score.

If you check these sites, they are related to lifestyle which is very relevant to the business model – Hair salon. Not only these sites are a huge source of referral traffic but they also have high link juice leading them to rank for targeted Keyword.

The best way to take over the visibility of Alibinycsalon is to create more quality backlinks than they have. This is one of the best tactical approaches to penetrate a local market.

To accomplish broken link building, the first criteria is to find broken links. We searched for the term “Celebrity hairstylist NYC“and got this article on the first page.

This page had a broken link as you can see in the picture below. This creates an opportunity to get a business listed on this page by making the right contact. Contacting the webmaster of this site or the marketing team of this blog is your best bet. Broken links are harmful for any website’s SEO and presence. But before that we need to check the website’s trust score and domain score just to make sure that if the effort is worth it.

A domain score of 49 and trust score of 53. This link has got really good value. So how do we obtain a backlink ? We do it through Outreach. Here is a sample e-mail which can do the trick.

The response rate is definitely not encouraging. But anyone who is serious about their website’s SEO and marketing shall surely acknowledge your research and reward you with a link. If you are wondering how you can find broken links, you can use paid SEO tools like ahrefs.

Niche based review platforms could be a great source of high quality links. Links from these sites can be obtained in two ways. One where the profile for the business is created and re-directs to the site of the business and two where the customers/users reviewing the business end up writing the url of your business. Jeff Christian parlor is closed now as a business, but they were listed under Mytime for reviews.

There are a lot of niche based review platforms available which are paid. If you are subscribing for one, please care to check their trust score and domain score.

Advanced link building services

Agreed Technologies analyses the competition and creates a mix of link building strategies to create a custom program best suited for your needs. Please fill this contact form if you are interested in our advanced link building services.

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Gym SEO/SEO for Fitness Trainer/Personal Trainer | #1 SEO Company
Gym SEO/SEO for Fitness Trainer/Personal Trainer | #1 SEO Company