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Small business SEO services (Effective & Insanely valuable)

A lot of small businesses offer the best of services/products but get lost in a competitive crowd. Our small business SEO services serve as an effective wing to marketing the values of your business.

Here are some facts to consider an effective SEO company for small businesses:

Fact 1: 40,000 searches happen on Google per second.
Fact 2: 80% of the searches is related to local needs.
Fact 3: More than 95% of traffic comes through keywords ranked on first page.
Fact 4: Keywords ranked on top 3 positions on Google account for 70% of the site’s over all traffic.

Is your website optimized for local results? Just go through this Local SEO checklist to make sure.

Single vs. Multi-location businesses

Single location businesses: A business on Google can be found through branded searches (name of the business) and keywords related to the domain/niche of the business. 90% of the local searches are non-branded which relate to a category.

Our SEO service for single location businesses stats with piercing the most populated localities/areas within a city by creating brand awareness. A process of optimizing the website and building links runs parallel to brand awareness. The service continues till the time the complete city can be covered.

Multi-location businesses: SEO services for businesses covering more than one location go through the same process. Due to added cities or branches, the cost of branding and over all service is higher. Such businesses can also avail our services with one location to keep it cost effective.

How SEO services can benefit a small business?

The online office

Website for any business is one of their most valuable assets. It serves as an online office space. Keep it super clean, populate it with high quality and rich content and consult a SEO company if you are considering a re-design of your website. SEO keyword research is very crucial to decide the structure of any website.

Build new customers

All the businesses have their unique local competition in the online space. Agreed Technologies prepares a unique internet marketing strategy for a small business to start showing up when users make searches on Google related to the category of the business. Google analytics can be a very handy tool in analyzing new users on a site.

Save time & money

The world is going digital and lazy. Digital marketing has definitely taken over other marketing channels in terms of returns. Instead of walking door to door, reach to your customers in a completely new way through our services. Time is money and it definitely saves a lot of it. We believe a business owner has the best of knowledge about their business and can be efficiently utilized in getting amazing content written. This makes our process much more affordable and engaging for our end clients.

Build your brand

Building a brand can take a lot of time if not assisted with marketing. A lot of small businesses who happen to be really good at what they do are not able to make a jump from a single location business to a multi-location business. The primary reason is ineffective branding. Branding can help build small businesses to setup franchises and chains. Our SEO services have branding as a key pillar to yielding amazing results.

“Agreed Technologies is the best SEO Company I have worked with so far. They have done an excellent job in getting my site much needed exposure on Google. Affordable SEO services for any small business.”

Other powerful marketing solutions for small businesses

Social media marketing for Small businesses

Facebook marketing for small business

Promote your business through Facebook. We help optimize the targeting to get the maximum clicks on your ads.

Twitter marketing for small business

Reach out to new customers for your business through Twitter. We promise great traffic to your site through twitter marketing.

Instagram marketing for small business

Instagram is a very active social network. We can increase your followers, drive more traffic to your site and increase sales at a nominal marketing budget.

Google AdWords management for Small businesses

Pay per click services for small business

Our in-house Google AdWords experts can optimize the keywords & demographics of your existing PPC campaign to get maximum clicks & conversions. We can also set up a brand new PPC campaign which brings in quality traffic from day 1.

Display marketing and re-marketing services for small business

We can handpick sites where most of your target audience is going. We create beautiful Ads that provoke clicks and increase branding. Display re-marketing is effective to help increase conversions by tracking visitors on your site.

Pay per call services for small business

We manage Pay per call programs by Google and make sure our Ads show up in the busiest hours of the business. It is one of least known services by Google which highly suits a lot of small business models.

Website re-design & development services for Small businesses

Agreed Technologies has a complete team of web designers and web developers. We can re-design your site from scratch if there is a need. The process begins with collecting as much information as possible from the client. The information is then processed into a wireframe and a prototype is shared with the end client for approval. The website being developed is shared on a working local server which is ready to be viewed from anywhere in the world to track progress. Our team can help your small business with –

WordPress Website design
Shopify website design
Joomla Website design

SEO packages for small businesses

Agreed technologies offers affordable seo services for small businesses. The scope of work depends upon the competition in the line of business and current branding levels. The packages are custom designed based on the efforts a campaign needs to be successful. We are flexible in terms of our pricing structure. Just fill this contact form to help us analyze your site and we can send our quotation within 24 hours. If you’d like to speak one of our sales representatives, just call us. We’d be more than happy to assist you.

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